Medication Synchronization


Delray Shores Pharmacy is pleased to offer DSP MedSync, our coordinated, synchronized refill program designed to help simplify your medication management while improving adherence and health outcomes.

Here’s how DSP MedSync works for you:

  • We strategically synchronize all routine medications to a once-a-month “Fill Date.”
  • You will receive a monthly phone call from a MedSync specialist 7 days prior to your established “Fill Date.” More frequent check-in calls may be necessary and if desired.
  • During these consultation calls, we check in to see how you are tolerating your medications Single Care, identify and document any changes in your drug regimen, and answer any questions you may have at the time.
  • During the course of the month, we maintain communication with your physicians and obtain any new prescriptions that may have run out of refills well in advance of your “Fill Date”.
  • On your “Fill Date” all medications will be filled and made available for pickup or delivery to your home.


Carol Office Manager / Certified Pharmacy Technician / DSP MedSync Coordinator


Carol is our longest tenured team member having joined the DSP family in 2004. A certified pharmacy technician since 2000, “Smiley” is a jack of all trades in the pharmacy and has been the office manager since 2008. Her knowledge of products, medical devices, and pharmacy workflow make her a huge asset to DSP.